Edge Chromium Official release seems to not work with Dishanywhere streaming

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I don't know if Dish is just not that popular, as i have not seen this issue mentioned anyplace online.

I did call and ask the dish people, but all you get is a CS rep who has a pre printed folder full of pre-determined responses.


They could not even tell me what the error 4000 was, they insisted it was a bad browser.


Now this site worked fine in Legacy edge, and still does on my other identical laptop which has not received the edge update yet.


The site works perfectly fine in google chrome as well, but i would rather not have multiple browsers
taking up space.

I kind of find it strange that it does not work in new edge but does work in chrome, since both use chromium as their base and the site does not use any extensions or anything.


Some content will play, but a lot of content will not.
Most of the on-demand content will not play in Edge.
All of it will play in Google chrome.

To make things simple, i will give an on demand title that will actually play in Edge.


And for one that does not work (Most do not work)
Schindler's List


I may be way off base, but i am thinking that the difference between the one working title, and all the many non working ones might be something to do with video type/codec?

Maybe MS can talk to a non dummy at dish and get an answer about what is different between those 2 on demand titles and why the new Edge can not play them.


This may seem a silly thing to complain about, but this is about the only way i ever get to watch anything as i am mostly not near home to to just watch on the tv and not terribly fond of having to install extra browsers just to do it. 
If i could roll back the edge update for now and just use legacy edge, i would, but seems you guys as MS disabled the option to remove the update.



Here is the movie working in Google Chrome

Movie working in Google ChromeMovie working in Google Chrome



Here is same exact movie failing to work in the public release of Edge Chromium that was in the May 20 updates (Not an insider version)

Same exact movie Not working in Edge ChromiumSame exact movie Not working in Edge Chromium


Love to know why


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So for giggles here, i took one laptop and reimaged it (the one with the new edge)
Pulled down new iso

Win 10 Pro


build 18363.836


Let install and any updates finish.

I did not really expect any change, and did not get any.
But it rules out some botched config or OS issue

Tested this in nightly build of Canary Same issue there, at least it is consistent.

So, Dish appears to use BitMovin as their means of playing on-demand content over the web.


I think they use both widevide and playready DRM

but most is playready, i think.


Now bitmoving has an online demo


And it looks like PlayReady is still possibly failing, even though i thought i read this was now fixed and working a few builds ago?

So here is chrome, running same exact content that fails in edge
console chrome.PNG


Ok now here is same thing in Edge

fail console.png

Now note the console errors
I found the errors were supposedly specific to playready DRM


So i did a test with bitmovin's demo site


WideVine DRM
widevine works.PNG


playready fail.PNG


Now all was tested using DASH as that is what dish uses to let the bitrate adjust as needed
In Edge, is seems playready fails with DASH encoded streams?
It is not using HLS as Edge can play the HLS playready tests, and ALL the WideVine tests


At least from what i can tell with my non expert tinkering, some kind of playready issue when material is DASH encoded?


@josh_bodner any ideas?
Any thoughts?



@Wiesshund which Edge channel are you seeing this in?  We just fixed an issue in today's Dev channel update where videos with certain encodings failed to play.  

@josh_bodner This is in what i guess you would call the RTM channel?

The public, live windows updates channel, non insider/beta/etc.


How ever you would refer to that 

the version that went out in the may updates


I will pull down the dev channel build and try it and see how it fairs


Sadly, the dev channel i just pulled down suffers the same issue.

Version 84.0.522.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


Seems to barf on playready drm sent in DASH encoding

@Wiesshund probably a different issue than the one we fixed, then.  I'll ask our video team if this is a known issue.  

@Wiesshund Thank you for the detailed feedback! 


The Media team just let @josh_bodner and I know that this is likely a different known issue. If you haven't yet, it would be great if you could submit this feedback and diagnostic data through the browser (Shift+Alt+I) so that the devs can look at the logs.


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Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge


I did try and submit it, best that interface allowed for



I sent in a new feedback, linking to this thread, and tried to explain to them to refer to this thread
as the feedback form only allows for limited input and a single screen shot.


Hopefully that works for them?



If the devs need access to a dish anywhere account for testing
if they send me a request, i would be willing to privately allow them to use mine.

@Wiesshund That sounds perfect. If you don't hear anything further in a few days, you can reach out to me and I can help make sure the right team sees it.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted  @josh_bodner 


Any headway or anything on this guys?

This is probably the only thing at this point that is forcing me to use chrome and keep it installed

@Wiesshund Thanks for checking in. I've reached out to our Media team for an update. In the meantime, feel free to send me a DM and I can help look into the status of your particular bug report.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Wiesshund just wanted to let you know we've reached out to Dish so they can hopefully get it fixed on their end.  


Not 100% sure i would hold my breath on that.


As you can see in my above posts, Dish is not technically the only source Edge Chromium would have issue with, it is just the only source i happen to subscribe to.

Go over to https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm
Funny thing is edge technically supports more 
MSE types than google chrome

Now go here

Now do the Playready encryption, With DASH variable rate encoding
Now repeat same test in googles chrome.

Now as to why am i sending you to bitmovin?
That is the player technology used by Dish and some others, mubi.com is another one that comes to mind.


I mean if dish will make a change great, but since they previously supported IE11 and Edge legacy
but removed support for those a while ago and took the stance that they dont support any MS browsers, or Mozilla's and only google and apple, i dont really know.


Googles chromium source is not open, or i would probably start doing some comparisons
to see what they have done in that particular area.

I wonder if it would do any good to maybe reach out to bitmovin as well?

@Wiesshund I'll make sure the people on our end know about the underlying issue.  At this point, our primary goal is to unblock the sites that we know about that are dependent on this.  Since we know it works with Widevine, it should be a pretty good workaround to have Dish (at least temporarily) tell Edge to use Widevine instead of Playready, which is something that they should be able to do a lot more quickly than it will likely take for us to get a fix into Playready.  

@Wiesshund We just sent out another round of communications to them at the end of last week!