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I posted this in the welcome thread but it probably got buried so posted it here as a separate topic which makes notifications and following it a lot easier.


Is there any known problem with the Edge Dev not showing up in Windows 10 1809 Pro  x64 list of Notification Apps? I have spent time configuring all of my Chrome Extensions but I rely on notifications of my browser. When I check the App Notification list MS Edge does not show up. Firefox and Chrome do, however.

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As I thought MS Edge Chromium Dev does NOT use MS Action Center to post its notifications like those for YouTube live streams going live. Sigh.


You have to enable native notifications in about:flags.

go to about:flags and search native notifications.

Annotation 2019-04-10 170322.png

@_shellprompt1515 I did both in Dev and Canary and neither of these builds can show notifications from YouTube i.e. from those Channels in YouTube free that you have clicked on the bell notification. I see neither the disappearing popup notification nor a notification in Windows 10 1809 Action Center. This after spending several hours configuring both Dev and then Canary browsers with extensions and settings. 



I think I figured out why it isnt working.

Annotation 2019-04-11 181935.png

Looks like MS turned off the push notifications. Without it, many sites probably can't do notifications.

@_shellprompt1515 That sucks means I can not rely on MS Edge Chromium as my default browser then. Appreciate the sleuthing. Its just weird that there is the hidden flag setting to have it show up in the NoticNotificationList in Windows 10 

Hi @Snowbound, I apologize for missing this earlier.  Notifications work for many sites, but there are several, including YouTube, for which they are not working as expected.  We are actively investigating this issue.  Thank you for letting us know about this.

@Elliot KirkJust wondering if the issue with YouTube notifications not working in MS Edge Chromium has a time estimate when it would be resolved or a fix rolled out. It is something that is preventing me from using MS Edge Chromium Dev/Canary as my browser. The same issue is still afflecting Brave browser 5 mnths since the problem had been logged there.

Hi @Elliot Kirk , btw, these notifications are not working on Microsoft Sites like neither. 

@Snowbound Both Canary and Dev will show up in the Notifications list as soon as they send their first Notification.  This is just the way Windows 10 notifications settings work.  Some individual sites still do not work well with the Insider channels, including YouTube, but many other do work well.  You can see that I have received at least 1 notification on Canary (which I tend to use most), but not on Dev.


One other site where I find this reliably not working is, an alternative web client for the federated Mastodon social networks. You have to have a Mastodon account somewhere to see this. Once an instance has been added, go to Settings, Instances, <your instance>, and try to activate a checkbox for Followers, Mentions, Boosts or the like, and after a few seconds, Pinafore gives the error: "Failed to update push notification settings: Registration failed - push service not available". Perhaps if you contact Nolan Lawson, the author and an ex MS Edge developer, he can point you to what exactly he is doing that provokes this error. Perhaps that helps solve the issue.

Well I am seeing Dev and Canary in the notification list in Windows10 Pro.  As I previously indicated when one goes to the test works in that the Action Center item shows up as well as pop notification under Dev and Canary


However YouTube notifications are still broken in both Canary and Dev. I see zero notifications when I open Dev and Canary. Due to this issue, I am still not using Edge Chromium as my main browser. Sorry MS. Brave Beta also has this problem and they have logged it on their github.

@Snowbound  I has the same problem! I use Roblox plus for Roblox when they has their sales or release items for catalog. But in edge chromium Dev and Canary the notifications not pushing only the start up works... This is a major issue needs to be fixed all the other browsers like Chrome are fine with their push working it just edge chromium having a bug or issue.... Any MS employees working with browser plz fix this asap i want my Roblox plus working along side with youtube notifications etc plz thanks!

Have the same problem as well in my side. Doesn't seen to be able to receive notification correctly from websites like YouTube and Reddit. However, on, notifications do work. Weird.
Also using Dev version, not Canary. 

Confirmed on all counts. Facebook, WhatsApp Web are also affected.

@Snowbound I hate relying on Google Software but until this is fixed, I'll have to use Chrome. :(

It's not working with YouTube, Facebook and twitter also I like Edge a lot over Google Chrome but please try investigating faster than that@Elliot Kirk 

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