Edge cannot translate pages that contain English and another language

Mahdi Hosseini
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Edge cannot translate pages that contain English and another language

Check this page for example, the content of the page is Chinese but Edge can't translate it into English

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Hi @Mahdi Hosseini 

I'm experiencing the same thing on Edge insider canary Version 80.0.331.0

I think the problem is that Edge cannot recognize the language of the web pages properly.


in the translate pop up:


Annotation 2019-11-15 123006.png


it says "always translate pages from English", so Edge thinks this page's language is English and not Chinese or Mixed. that's why it's failing.



then I tried to trick Edge to think that, okay the page is in English, now translate it to another language, say Russian:


and it could successfully translate all the contents to Russian


Annotation 2019-11-15 123647.png


@Elliot Kirk @josh_bodner 

Yes exactly thank you but Microsoft has to fix this problem I hope this report reaches them

@Mahdi Hosseini We have received similar feedback around translations and are working on improvements based on that feedback. As a temporary work around, try translating the page to another language and back to English.

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