Edge Canary with Webview2

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I am writing a C# app to automate a file-download from a website. I have written this many different ways. Asynchronous, Synchronous, as a WebForms app, as a 'headless' WinForm and my latest version is a Console App.

I get the same results:

Runs fine in VStudio.

Runs fine on my test server (virtual server) when it is run manually (dbl-click the EXE).

Runs fine when I put it in Task Scheduler and I select 'Run Now' (thereby running it manually in TS).

However, when I schedule the task in the future (example: 5 mins ahead) and log off of the server, some tasks (methods in the code) will not complete and, yet, some will. In other words, the app fails\hangs.

I have tried many, many TS combinations (Running as me, run as admin service account, with highest privileges, set the 'start in' path and many others).

I get the same result. I have researched this like crazy. Tried many samples. Same results.

This must be a bug. Thoughts?



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