Edge Canary 103.0.1255.0 - LinkedIn Display Bug


In Edge Canary certain fields in LinkedIn show function names instead of readable end user text.  I haven't noticed it on other websites yet.  And, it only happens on certain fields.


Edge Canary 103.0.1255.0 (and I believe it happened in 1254.0 as well) are broken.  Notice the "i18n_default_unfocused_placeholder_text") in the 'start a post' field and the "i18n_conversation_full_names" in the Messaging tab.



In Edge Dev 103.0.1253.0 the text shows up correctly/as expected (notice the Post area shows "Start a post" and the messages area shows sender names.




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Looks like it's not just an in issue with the LinkedIn site.  Now that the dev build bumped from 1253 to 1255, it is also seeing the same code processing errors as the Canary build. 


In Salesforce, for example, build 1255 throws errors whenever I load pages:

Failed to initialize a component [Access Check Failed! AuraComponentService.createComponentFromConfig(): 'markup://force:recordLayoutList' is not visible to 'markup://runtime_sales_activities:todayTasksList {955:0}'.]

We fixed a text handling bug in today's Canary (1256). Are you still seeing the issue in that build?
On my mac, I'm still seeing 1255 as the latest available build so haven't been able to confirm yet.
Is there usually a lag or did the 1256 mac build just fail to compile on Friday?

Regardless, based on the positive feedback on other threads, I'm expecting it to be resolved when the mac build is released!
Oh yeah, we haven't been able to release Canary on Mac for about a week due to a bad bug. We just put in a fix for it today, so hopefully tomorrow's build will contain it and we'll be able to release a new Mac Canary build.