Edge Beta channel - favorites not syncing properly.

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What I did was deleted favorites from all devices to get a'clean slate'. Then to test sync, I add a folder on Windows 'foo' and see if it replicates to macOS & Android. It seems to do so. However, when I close Windows browser and re-open it starts re-populating previously deleted favorites.

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to clean up your favorites off the server and delete everything, first remove all other Edge browsers (on Mac and Android) from your Microsoft account and disconnect the sync ability.
so at this point only the Edge insider on your desktop PC will be connected to your Microsoft account and Syncing. now delete everything you want in the favorites and then wait 30 mins to 1 hour, let the browser take its time and sync all the changes you've made.
after 1 hour, start signing into your Edge browser on other devices again (Mac and Android) and see if the previously deleted bookmarks will come back.

I had to do this myself before as a workaround to get it done.

@Alex Agranov "... when I close Windows browser and re-open it starts re-populating previously deleted favorites ..."


I ran into this issue yesterday, and it was crazy-making.   It was not a sync issue, but instead a corrupted Edge Chromium install issue.  I've got it solved this morning, but it was ugly.


Try HotCakeX's suggestion -- that's the standard way to deal with failed sync issues -- but if you continue to have the "re-populating previously deleted favorites" issue after doing what HotCakeX suggests, let us know, and perhaps my experience will be of help.  


I have the same issue, but I don't think that just for Beta channel. I have used multiple Edge channels but bookmarks cannot be shared between the channels. I think syncing feature need to be improved a lot in next time.

Syncing between multiple machines made some of my bookmarks duplicate. had to use a 3rd party extension to scan and remove bookmark duplication on my lists.

they need to improve the system's logic when dealing with multiple syncing machines that each of them upload user data changes at the same time and system doesn't know which one to keep.

@HotCakeX  You would think the time stamp in the bookmark HTML would prevent you from having to do this but I guess that timestamp is ignored right now.


I wish there was a better cleanup method than this though.


"First, there’s some trending new feedback this week about favorites sync issues. For most the symptom is that favorites are simply not syncing, a known issue which we’re working on at the highest priority. Others are reporting that deleted favorites are reappearing, or that duplicate favorites are showing up. We believe these are symptoms of the same known issue so for now we’re tracking them together on this list. We expect to address them as soon as possible this month."

Syncing feature for favourites still disabled so I cannot use at the moment on Version 81.0.381.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Still in controlled feature rollout phase..