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i ran into identical issues with both versions with twin exact issues except one thing edge beta ran into the issue within two hours and the developr nearl 6 hours later hit the same exact issue identical right down the pixel


running browser and vlc media player both froze stalled couldnt close task masnager wouldnt open settings would open neither betas would allow me to minimise and aqllow me to then maximise to break the bug clicking on the taskbar start button power button or the desktop yeilded zero respons as did alt delete or esc or tab as i tried the frozen game tricks to break the log.


so here ius what i then did 


restart re open all windows and see if it occurs again yes it did so 


edge beta 


uninstalled results everything worked as per usual


edge developer


uninstalled results everything worked as per usual


the points i want to address before the question s i know to follow both edge versions were installed separately from each other i didnt install both at the identical time


yes i tried the bundled media pl;ayer in windows after problems with vlc same issues as above and yes i downloasded a new media player any plasyer and into the exact same issue 


floags on both betas i disabled everything remotely listing media in header or susequent sub text information same issues as above


default programs swapped out for each media player and replasced withj the new test subject


default browser swapping out public for each beta in  in turn


and yes checked each beta for updates both updated and current


nividia drivers checked and current


all drivers checked in devcice manager all current


clean all history and conducted repairs and emptied the history passwords cache from public and betas so they were fresh and clean


i had no opther recent software installed within the last few months sao i am assuming that the conflict is the results of something in both betas that caused identical issues first impression of issue media players stopped playing other issues right after


i used the almost identical flags on all the same edge browsers apart fdrom a few that werent available on the public version enabled and disabled same issues


here is where my learned software and coding troubleshooting logical knopw how runs out as i never pursued a coding career lol


but i thoiught you guys should know and also have the following tests i ran to give you as much info and headstart as i could.


hope this is of great assistance because i like both betas much better than the public 


here is wishing you all well and stay safe in the face of the globasl pandemic 


and wishing lots of beautiful clear weather from sunny london



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Welcome to MTC, big post thank you! But of course it's great to pass this suggestion to the Edge Feedback Center where directly developers will develop it! do you also give your opinions there?
No I haven't as I am a new member and I didn't know that beforehand so I'll do just that after sending this reply
i guess the feedback button is the right one i used tp send them the issues directly

i sent it thgat way
is thast the only route to send the issues directly

Yes, but I wanted to make sure! because finding an error is one thing, handing over to the right place is important! Any help is needed - thank you very much! Andrzej
If you correctly provide feedback you will receive a thank you to the e-mail and it will be confirmed!
So use the Edge Feedback Link on the toolbar not feedback form found within the settings section is the correct way to go?
I am assuming that the feedback app found within windows 10 is general as I have used it before for xbox and it is populated with options for just about everything. Whereas the feedback link via Edge only has one recipient and that's edge support.
I think I understand the idea :light_bulb:

Thanks for the reply and advice.

Perfectly! Not about the Feedback Center app for Windows 10 I meant! Just For Edge = in the settings at the bottom is directly to the developers and always as you see problems then please report there! MTC Forum is a place more to discuss problems!