Edge behaviour difference on Windows Server vs Windows 10

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I notice that Edge appears to be behaving differently when run on Windows Server against standard Windows 10 PC's, with regards to extensions particularly.


We have used "Enable local file links" extension on a clients Windows 10 PCs to allow access from an internal web application to some internal documents from the Browser. This works well, and giving the option to open the files, which then are then launched in the correct application within windows.


However  having deployed the same Extension on servers in this environment (and my own fairly vanilla VM environment without any special Edge or other GPO's) it seems to be ignored. Clicking the links to the files results in the text content of the file being displayed in Edge, rather than the option to open the file.

In our setup, it is a refence file for a document management system, the contents of which are plain text, but with a .drf extension, but the issue can be re-created with just a plain .txt file.

I can find no documents that explain this difference in behaviour. It also occurs with Chrome too.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks.

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