Edge Bar bar doesn't support extensions + other improvements.

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I recently moved to ms edge on windows and I'm loving the "Edge Bar" tabs toolbar..

I feel that it has lots of potential to be a great productivity tool, its usefulness is limited by how it feels disconnected from the main web browser. 


Mainly that it has no support for extensions. This is key functionality as many people who use password managers, ad-blockers, and other extensions which are required for their daily browsing. I suggest that edge could enable people to opt in each of their extensions (Similarly to how it works for In Private browsing), so that extensions which do not function as they should can be disabled. Extension shortcuts could live in a row of the "Settings and more" toggle. 


Furthermore edge bar tabs do not allow you to use the desktop versions of their respective web pages. It could be changed on a per tab basis as I have found that for many websites they do not function well as they want you to download their respective apps. 


The default search engine also cant be changed. While I understand that ms would rather use Bing as its more profitable for them and it keeps people away from their competitors such as google, many people would rather use an alternative. Considering the user-experience of edge it doesn't make sense that changing the search engine in the settings wouldn't change the edge bar engine too as they are essentially the same app. 


No right click menu? I can copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts but there is no way to see a right click menu from what I can tell. Also no way to use emoji, voice typing, corrections etc... 


I hope someone reads and considers my suggestions as I really love edge and want to see it improve and become more successful. 

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