Edge and FLoC - Is FLoC disabled in Edge?? What is the Edge Team's stance on this?


I've been reading about Google's proposal to implement FLoC in Chrome which is basically a bad attempt to replace third party cookies with something that is worse at tracking and privacy. The web browser Brave has announced that FLoC has been removed in their nightly builds and the stable build will have it removed this week. I went to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Am I FLoCed? website that checks your browser to check to see if it has a FLoC ID. It said my Edge browser does not have FLoC enabled. That's good but will it in the future? What is the Edge Team's stance on FLoC? Will Edge join Brave and be free of Google's FLoC in chrome browsers? Greatly appreciate a response from the Edge Team on this. Thank you!

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I hope that we will get an answer soon.
What makes FLoC extra bad is that it puts Google in charge of everything. That wouldn't be acceptable whatever the company was.
That's Google's core business: gather data to sell it on.
Brave and Vivaldi have both said they will not include it in their browsers; Safari is WebKit, not Chromium, so will never get introduced there; and I believe Opera are considering removing it, though no official word yet. (And Firefox, of course, has nothing to do with Chromium whatsoever.)

I can't see why Microsoft cannot also not include it too...
Thank you for that link @Henno_Keers. Good information. With WordPress blocking it on their websites that's a huge statement against FLoC as WordPress is involved with a major portion of websites. I'm hopeful Microsoft will block FLoC on Edge. If not I'll have to seriously consider using Brave and being an MSP switch all my clients PCs to Brave. Again, if anyone would like to check if their browser has enabled FLoC you can go to https://amifloced.org/.