Edge and Chrome startup speed

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The new Chrome build (87.0.4280.66 ) is really quick to open. Much faster than any version of Edge, not that I care much about it. However, at least on my PC, the CPU consumption is horrible, always high.


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In my opinion the "speed" of edge 87 will be mostly the same than chrome 87 when edge will deploy the 87 update (in stable).
@Deleted Actually, it doesn't depend on the browser. For me, both MS Edge and GG Chrome are really slow to open. Google Chrome opening speed: 3 min. Edge opening speed; 3 1/2 min.
personally in chrome i have seen with 87 a small boost on slower machine, but on my Desktop who is a war machine not even a second, but if chrome have it's speed up, when edge will do the same update it will have the very same optimisation.
But in contrary, if Edge have a speedup chrome maybe won't have it (if it's a mechanism of windows 10 who "boost" edge).
@Wittycat Edge above version 88 has a boost, called startup boost.
i know but if chrome have some boost in chromium code we will have it too, now we can't really test before 87 reach the stable to see if this "boost" that chrome tell is only in their closed source version or in the chromium code (if it's in chromium we will se it in edge as well).


@Kam wrote:
 Actually, it doesn't depend on the browser. For me, both MS Edge and GG Chrome are really slow to open. Google Chrome opening speed: 3 min. Edge opening speed; 3 1/2 min.

3 mins to open a program? something is wrong with your setup or hardware

@HotCakeX I know; I have a 6-year old laptop.


Edge and OS are installed on SSD, the opening of Edge 86 stable takes 1 second.

Edge dev and canary, with startup boost, takes half a second or less.

@Wittycat Chrome doesn't have it, MS team added it :)


@Kam wrote:
@HotCakeXI know; I have a 6-year old laptop.

still, I have a 10 years old laptop and it's not as bad.

@HotCakeX Then I don't know. I've reinstalled Windows a few times now. Still, reset, after 1 month, slow again. Repeating process for me...
Oh well alright then
Actually the boost of chrome 87 is different than the startup boost of edge it seem (not verified), i was saying, if it's true, edge will have a double boost (when our boost will be in stable) where chrome will have one boost.

ps: To many boost in this sentence xD
@Wittycat I think you're right xD
Yeah that might happen

@HotCakeX  and @Wittycat  


I realized that I didn't have the startup boost enabled ... I activated it and there was a great improvement in startup speed ... but still, Chrome is faster in this regard ...
But, as @Wittycat  said, I also believe that when this optimization of the new Chrome reaches Edge, then Edge will probably have some advantage ...

Chrome faster? are you sure?
can you record a 60fps video?

with startup boost on Edge dev or canary, Edge opens instantly. chrome can't be faster than that unless it's installed inside the RAM!

my hardware is 5 years old, I have NVMe M.2 SSD and 3200mhz DDR4 RAM, i7 7700K
latest version of Windows 10 20H2
i have something similar, (but Ryzen 2700X for CPU, and Edge Obliterate completely chrome, in therme of speed and consumption).
Just the domain who are blocked (DNS or Extension) who wait for timeout and let the load icon turn event if the page is loaded let think it slower but when we use bench tool and extension to mesure load time it's definitely loaded before chrome.