Edge adds ClearType text rendering | Microsoft's own font rendering technology


Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.862.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) comes with this new feature flag:


Enhance text contrast

Renders text using the same contrast and gamma settings that are used elsewhere in Windows. Run the ClearType Text Tuner to adjust the contrast and gamma settings for your monitor. – Windows

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This is clearly one of the best additions to Edge. Will resolve a lot of issues related to text rendering as compared to the Legacy Edge.
I applied the flag and currently the ClearType rendering can be seen while the page is loading, but not after the page has loaded. Hoping for it to get fixed in future builds.
I personally haven't seen/noticed much rendering issues so I'd need a good comparison to tell the difference.
Hello! I have always changed the default settings of the graphics card and Do not know how it was possible not to change it earlier, if it works as you write - it is perfectly, above all for the eyes of users and comfort at work!
the difference is that much? do you have a side by side comparison?
Not this version is unavailable to me I do not have as much time for kanrek channel, but such an improvement can be a success for the Edge team!
This is awesome news! Chromium browsers have excessively soft font rendering, and I really hope this won't be the case anymore when it comes to Edge!

@HotCakeX okay so I did a side-by-side test on some websites for the whole day, an I must really admit that it is totally a game changer! Surely gives an Edge over other browsers, and brings rendering at par with Legacy Edge. 


Check these screenshots (Left is Edge Canary with the flag enabled, right is Edge Stable):


Article from The Verge (Snip 1)Article from The Verge (Snip 1)Article from The Verge (Snip 2)Article from The Verge (Snip 2)Article from Windows CentralArticle from Windows Central


As you can see, there is a huge difference. The difference can clearly be seen on light fonts, as the difference is there but is felt less on the third screenshot from Windows Central. I also saw that the rendering for some reason does not applies to Tech Community after the page has finished loading, so once the feature improves in the future, it will be a great addition.


Has this been removed in 863, I can't find the flag anymore after today's update?


@PeteGomersall wrote:


Has this been removed in 863, I can't find the flag anymore after today's update?

Yes you are right, .863 was a light update, didn't have noticeable new features and also removed that feature from flags. hope it comes back in the future.

@Rohit Yadav 

thanks for the comparisons, those are good improvements that ClearType brings to Edge.

Can confirm here as well that the flag is gone as of now. Hope it returns back with all issues sorted so that the ClearType rendering can apply to any text.
The flag is back in build 92.0.867.0. Still the rendering isn't applying to the Tech Community website in my tests.

@Rohit Yadav 

Enabling this flag causes problems with the sidebar on my system; seems to effect all of them Favorites, History etc. Text is lost to right of icons.



Yea, that issue exists for now.


Does it also affect the Site info and Send feedback flyouts?  

Yes for Send Feedback tool, I don't know about Site Info.