Edge 89.0.767.0 pop-up blocker

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I can't seem to turn this off. Installed the above version today and now it blocks all pop-ups. Even though I have turned the setting off and added the specific site to the allow list. 

Any suggestions welcome.


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I experience the same issue with v89.0.767.0 even though

1) site is in the allow list 

2) I turn off pop-up blocker


Getting this error:






then it's probably a bug in that Dev build.

please use the feedback tool in Edge to file it

press Edge menu (...) button => Help and feedback => send feedback


Thanks, I've just done that.



Thanks, done it too.




Good job guys

@Gareth_HarperGJMH Just to confirm, is the same thing happening no matter which way you have the switch in edge://settings/content/popups set, like maybe the switch is broken, or is it just doing the opposite of what you expect (for example, turning it on allows popups)?  

@josh_bodner The switch doesn't seem to change anything. The blocker is always on.

@Gareth_HarperGJMH Okay, and just to confirm that it's not something that's already been fixed, can you download Canary and see if it still happens there?  

HI @josh_bodner,


I've downloaded Canary and problem still persist in latest release.

Will monitor in Canary.



@josh_bodner  I use D365 all the time and for me it does not matter how change the pop us blocker settings the pop up block every time,  Version 89.0.767.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit),  please investigate and resolve I love using this browser. 

In have exactly the same issue, been having it for a couple of weeks now.
Version 89.0.774.4 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Has this been fixed?

@jlavos and @Bradley_King,


Good news.

I've check Edge Canary v90.0.782.0 this morning and issue seems to have been fixed.

I don't get the error anymore in Dynamics365 when opening e.g. Advanced Find from Advanced Settings or opening a workflow under processes.




yey! This makes me happy, fingers cross this rolls out this week in the dev version thanks for the heads up :)

Today my Edge Dev were updated to v90.0.782.0 and this release also fixed the issue.




I can confirm fix for me too yey!!