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@Elliot Kirk In Internet Explorer, Ctrl+K duplicates your current tab. In the new edge, it searches with Bing, a feature that already exists as Ctrl+E. There have been multiple times I've wished for a shortcut to duplicate my current tab without right clicking, and I'm asking for this shortcut to duplicate the current tab instead of searching with Bing in the address bar. Thanks,


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Hi @cjc2112, I see that Ctrl + K duplicates that current tab in both IE and the current version of Edge.  In Chrome, however, it does duplicate the behavior of the Ctrl + E hotkey and start a search in the Address bar / Search box.  I have kicked off a conversation to discuss this issue.  Thank you for raising it.  Thanks - Elliot

Same wish: Missing Ctrl-K.
Any updates on this since 1/2 of a year?

Also missing this in the new Chromium-based Edge.

@JaapNijhoff Actually it's now available in beta. The default is Ctrl+Shift+K,


but a flag can turn it into the more familiar Ctrl+K.







This option was removed from canary version. So I want to ask again, do you plan return Ctrl + K short for duplicating tabs?

@Jan Rajnoha @Elliot Kirk I also want this option can be restored.

It is currently available on Beta (Version 85.0.564.36).


It's the first time I've seen it on the new Chromium Edge, and I am very happy that it is back! Came here just to say that.


I had been using Vimium's shortcut 'yt' as a workaround, but Ctrl+K is much better.


Yes, its still in Beta and Stable, but its removed in Can and Dev, meaning that in the future when those builds move up to beta and stable, the option will no longer be avaliable.