Drop-down list has no visual borders in remote sessions

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Using Edge Chromium in a remote session the borders of a drop-down menu aren't visible. This probably is dependent on a visual setting in Windows itself, but Chrome doesn't have an issue with it.


Example drop down: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_select





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which channel are you using?
Saw this in stable and beta.

@FreekBloemhof In edge(beta) when I tried it, it didn't have a border but did have a shadow effect. Maybe this is the cause of it.

Annotation 2020-02-10 103320.png

xD that's 3 combinations now for one drop down menu

Still seeing this, any ideas? 

@HotCakeX This is happening with the latest version of Edge (86.0.622.69 (Official build) (64-bit)). It happens even on a local connection in windows 10. It looks very confusing because of the lack of borders. This doesn't happen in Google Chrome.


no borders.png

Doesn't look confusing to me, it's highlighting the text so it's pretty clear which one is being selected
The confusion has nothing to do with the selected item, we are talking about the borders. What's confusing or not clear is that the text "Audi" in the example is merged with the text beneath it and requires the user to deduce that it's not (in other cases it's much harder). The confusion came from the users including myself.

@FreekBloemhof After investigating, it seems the problem exists due to a UI design decision. Edge decided to use shadow instead of border and it seems that this setting affects that (image attached). Perhaps you can enable this setting on the remote computer. I couldn't find a setting that does that in the remote connection settings under "Experience".

Of course it would be best if the edge people revert to a regular border or make the shadow not dependent on your Visual Effect settings.


Screenshot 2020-11-18 203908.png

Hey Microsoft,

please fix this UI issue in remote sessions - especially in covid 19 times.

Best regards, Thilo

@Thilo Langbein 

@Thilo Langbein wrote:

Hey Microsoft,

please fix this UI issue in remote sessions - especially in covid 19 times.

Best regards, Thilo


please also submit your request using feedback button on Edge (shortcuts: Alt + shift + i )

and/or this form (for businesses and individuals)