Downloads from are being blocked as Unsafe by Edge insider MSFT Defender Smartscreen've%20been%20using%20this%20website%20for%20years%2C%20so%20please%20add%20an%20option%20to%20Edge%20insider%20to%20Remember%20our%20choice%20and%20don'
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When I try to download multimedia files (.mp4, .mkv, etc) from

they get marked as unsafe and harmful (which is totally false alarm) and it gets annoying because Edge insider keeps asking me all the time whether I want to keep the file or not.


Annotation 2019-10-21 122946.png


Annotation 2019-10-21 122846.png


Annotation 2019-10-21 122912.png



the files are totally Safe and I've been using this website for years, so please add an option to Edge insider to Remember our choice and don't ask the same thing again.





Q: How are false warnings handled?

A: Our goal is to minimize false warnings or blocks. In the rare case of a false warning, we offer a web-based feedback system to help users and website owners report any errors as quickly as possible. These reports are verified by our support team and mistakes are corrected.


Please also add this "web-based feedback system" that this article is referring to to the Edge insider download UI when such false warnings happen, so users can report them easily.


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