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Hello guys, recently i've been using the Edge Dev for my daily routine.

But recently, i realize that when i download something on Edge is too slow comparing with Chrome.

Seens that my Edge "limits" the speed of my download.


I download a Google Drive file, separately, with only one Browser running at a time.

Chrome: i can download around 10MB/s

Edge: around 2MB/s


I already try to re-install the Edge Dev and clear the settings, but keeps happening the same thing...

I've tried to reset my ISP Settings.


Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

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I did a few side by side tests, and my speeds were more or less the same on each browser. I ran multiple tests at multiple times. However I used Edge Canary and not Edge Dev.


This is one of my results.  Blue bar is Chromium and the yellowish bar is Edge Canary:



Download wise my speeds were about the same downloading the same file. 


I cannot compare to Chrome since I don't use it, but... y'all may find this casually interesting. I really didn't expect it (variation).

Ran in Speed Test in all 4, Edge & 3 Insider Channels.
Edge was about what I expected, around 300 DL.  Upload 16.1.
The 3 Channels, Upload 16.2 for all. BUT,
Beta DL 55.4
Dev DL 123.1
Canary DL 179.3
And something to note, w/ Edge the DL jumps up & runs flat.  The Insiders would peak (higher than final values shown) but, drop off over test time; ending w/ the low(er) numbers.

I will suggest, even if an Insider Build is set as default browser, this speaks to difference between the browser being 'actual' & integrated as part of the OS, as opposed to Insider (beta) Builds; running like apps*.

NB: If I run a speed test app which, is not running inside any browser to give the level for the OS, the PC... that is about the same as when done w/in Edge, the 300.  In other words, the values w/ the Insider Builds are sort of like 'false positives' or not, 'true colours', not credible.  *Proven by Edge & the App being about the same & the Insiders way out to lunch.



Hi, try this:


go to the edge://flags/

and enable this flag, then restart the browser and retry your download.


Annotation 2019-09-20 111212.png




Yes, i've done this before too, and with the option On or Default didn't make any difference.




The thing is that on SpeedTests, the Edge Dev looks exactly the same in comparison with Chrome.


But when i download something, from Google Drive, the download speed looks stuck in the value of 2MB/s, but the Chrome runs at my highest speed of 10MB/s.


The interesting fact, is that i've tried on Edge and Edge Dev, and both have stuck around the 2Mb/s.

I've try to set the Edge Dev as a default browser too... as you said.

Have you tried download a file from Google Drive Not at the same time?
in your post you mentioned you downloaded the file at the same time in both browsers but that can cause problems, Google Chrome can take more bandwidth and leave little bandwidth for Edge.


Oh, i'm sorry. I said that, but what i mean is that i downloaded on Chrome, and later, i download on Edge Dev, separately, with only one Browser running at a time.


I'll edit my main post to be more clare about this.


And i only open the Browser, nothing more, to not "mess" the speed values.

It's okay :)
do you only see this speed limit when you're downloading something from Google drive on Edge insider Dev? how about when downloading something form another website or server that is not related to Google?

also could you explain what you meant by resetting your ISP settings? did you reset your router?


1 - Yes, i only see this limit on Google Drive files, and i tested on Edge and Edge Dev.

2 - When i download something from another website or server i don't have any problem, meaning that the speeds are the same in another websites or servers.

3 - Yes, i already reset my router and the internal "Internet Properties" on Windows 10.


Well it seems like it's intentional, maybe Google does this to encourage people use their Chrome browser, Idk, everything is possible.
there is also another possibility that parallel downloading is not being used when downloading Google drive files in Edge insider Dev despite the fact that you turned on that flag, but it is being used in Chrome correctly.
lastly, I would try "netsh int ip reset" command and then set my DNS servers to Google's ( and just to make sure.


I've done some things...

1 - Run "netsh int ip reset" with cmd as admin.

2 - Change my DNS to Google as and

3 - Reset Edge and Edge Dev settings to default.

4 - Reset Internet Properties settings to default.

5 - Reset my Internet Adapter.

6 - Clear HardDisk temp files and cache.

7 - Run AdwCleaner to see if was something malicious (nothing btw).


I also tested in Opera browser, and in Opera reaches my full speed, such as Chrome.


Besides that, i tested a download in another computer in the same network. And for my surprise, Chrome and Edge and Edge Dev are with the same download speed, which is ok.


But why in my main computer this doesn't happens? I don't think it's my ISP, becuse in my main PC Chrome and Opera reaches the full speed, only Edge and Edge Dev didn't.


Any clues? Maybe it's a bug or a setting, i don't know what else i can do.

Okay now that's interesting, this new info means that we should look for the problem in your computer and not in the Internet connection or browser.

my suggestion is that you try to perform a clean boot of your OS and then try the Google Drive download again in Edge insider Dev to see if you notice any difference.
this guide can help you out on that.

by the way are you using Windows 10? if so which version?

Yep...This is my result when using edge betaspeed.png


I really don't know if it's a setting on the windows system.

I think that can be a internal setting in the Edge or Edge Dev.


I did the Clean Boot, and the speed it's still limited.

I did a boot in Safe Mode with Network, and the speed it's still limited.


I'm using Windows 10 v1903 - (18362.356).


Did you test in another browser?

Just asking, but your internet is normally that speed or you mean that is limited, such as mine?

Well if you think it's related to the browser then you can reset it back to the defaults
- disable all of your extensions
- reset all browser flags to their defaults
- reset Edge settings from here: edge://settings/reset

you can also give Canary a shot. it's been better than Dev and Beta overall


Well, i download the Edge Canary and so far is good, but the problem with the speed limit keeps the same. I also tried what you said about reseting the Edge settings before.


Since we can't solve that, i will stay with Chrome until a solution appears in the horizon.

But besides that, thanks for the help! Really appreciated.

Sure no problem, I also hope it gets fixed soon in future updates
You will not see the same speeds in Edge C Insider Builds as with your internal browsers.