Download speed on Edge is too slow - Parallel downloading is broken

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I've been testing and using this feature for as long as the new Edge has been around,

without parallel downloading flag (edge://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading), the download speed is unbelievably slow, with the flag enabled, it's only slightly better.


I don't know how many concurrent connections Edge makes to the download server with this flag on, but it's very broken.


for example, download speed of a file in Edge is only 500 KB/s with parallel downloading on,

with a download manager like Free Download Manager, the speed is 10x faster.


I'm aware that this is depended on the network conditions of each user and my experience can't be universal and experienced by everyone, but the simply fact that a download manager with 6 to 8 concurrent (parallel) connections can fully utilize my Internet bandwidth, and Edge can't do this, is a problem.


this is not something to be fixed with a simple browser reinstall or even related to OS. throughout the past 2 years I've done these countless times, literally.


I'm sending feedback about it using the feedback button on Edge, if you're reading this and want download speed to be improved in Edge, please do the same and in the feedback URL add the link to this post for full description,

thank you

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@HotCakeX Hello. I noticed this problem, too. I sent a review. and attached a link to the post.

@HotCakeX I agree with you, it should be improved. I am sending feedback.

P.S. Sorry for not being online a few weeks, I am very busy and may be completely offline in the future. Sorry again.

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