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Several users have complained that the list of DoH providers (edge://settings/privacy > Choose a service provider) is no longer populated. Until recently, there was a list of four or five (a subset of these, I suppose), but they are no longer available for me in current Stable, Dev and Canary. One user further complained that making a custom entry didn't work. What has changed with DoH implementation?


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Same here, neither Canary nor Stable have the DoH list contents.
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Thanks for flagging this, Noel! I checked with the team and was able to confirm this is expected. 


Due to a performance issue recently discovered with DNS-over-HTTPS, we have temporarily turned off the built-in list of providers and the auto-upgrade logic that looks at your OS’s DNS setting. Manually providing a resolver URL is still supported.


Here’s some examples of provider URLs that will work if you specify it as a custom provider:


We will re-enable auto-upgrades and the predefined list of providers after we have resolved the underlying performance issue.


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Thank you very much for the info,


I'm using Cisco Umbrella's DoH right now (previously known and was available in Edge as OpenDNS):



@HotCakeX Were you able to make a custom entry to use this one? Just double checking as I have the team on the line if that's running into an issue =)

Sorry for the late reply, yes i am using it on both Edge stable and latest Edge canary.
I also checked with Cisco online website and it successfully detects my DoH.

No worries at all, thanks for confirming!




Thanks for the confirmation, Alex.  I'll pass the message on unless you or your colleagues beat me to it.



I think the issue is resolved? on today's update, Edge version 91.0.826.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit),

the predefined list of DoH servers are being populated again with server addresses.