Discord screen share freezes when Edge open

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I've noticed several reports stating the Discord screenshare function stops updating frames when the Edge browser is open (ex. https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/kfcskx/screen_share_conflicting_with_edge_browser_in/).


One user mentions, "I was screen sharing Death Stranding and it was working. I immediately tested all the other games and all of them worked. And then I opened Microsoft Edge. It stopped working again.

I closed Microsoft Edge. It's working again."


Another user shared a video with me where after screensharing for thirteen minutes, it would stop grabbing frames. Closing the Edge browser immediately resolved the issue. Reopening the browser, the Discord client would again stop updating frames. I believe it only happens in the normal browser--not incognito. 


Any context on why the Edge browser would prevent Discord from grabbing frames? 

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If you have Chrome installed, does Chrome result in the same thing?

@josh_bodner No, it seems specific to Edge. I've seen users open Edge and lose the stream immediately, then it will come back on closing it. The same does not happen in Chrome. 

I'll definitely ask the team about this since it seems to be somewhat widespread.
Thanks, @josh_bodner.

Here's a user video that demonstrates the behavior. It appears around the 13:30 mark where the game capture just stops. The user demonstrates closing the Edge browser will resolve the capture issue, and when reopening Edge the problem returns. They then close it again and capture works. Finally opening Chrome to demonstrate no problems and that it's Edge specific.