Directly turn PDF and Word document into HTLM when view them on edge

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View PDF and Word document on edge directly in HTML so that all the functions and extensions can be applied in to this do these documents

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PDF and Word can't be converted into HTML.

Also don't forget that Word (.docx file format) is Not natively supported in Edge. what you are actually referring to is Word online, which is a website, managed by a totally different team of engineers.


if an extension has problem with them, then you can ask that extension's developer to check and fix that issue, if possible.

@HotCakeX Why can't we view PDF and Word document on Edge just in the HTLM format? Why not just convert it into a website directly when we open a PDF on Edge?


I suggest you to do some research about HTML, .Docx and PDF formats.


convert it into a website!?!


like I said, Word is Word online, that is a website you are referring to. .Docx format is Not natively supported in any browser.

if an extension is not working on that website, contact the extension developer.