Did I find a bug in Edge mobile browser?

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Hello all!


I am working on a project where push notifications to a web page are needed. So I am using firebase to send messages and a web page to receive messages. This works flawless in Google Chrome (desktop and mobile) It does work in the desktop version of Edge but it doesn't work for the mobile version of Edge :(


Okay, when jumping a little deeper in the technique.... My service worker is actually receiving the push event of Google Firebase (I use the test interface of firebase itself to make sure the send message is correct) but in case of mobile edge the data object in that pushevent is null:




If I remotely debug the page and go to Application > Push Messaging I can start recording incoming push messages. 


I can see a notification is coming in the page but the event dispatched is showing no data (No metadata for this event) while in the desktop version it displays the json that was received just fine.  An other thing that looks odd....  In mobile edge there is no instance id displayed in the push messaging recording while in the desktop version it is displaying an instance ID:




In my service worker I am not doing any fancy stuff... just listening for a push event and (for now) writing it to the console:




self.addEventListener('push', function(event) {
    const promiseChain = self.registration.showNotification(event.data.json);





For me the service worker is the lowest level of intercepting a message so when comparing the incoming push event between mobile and desktop edge I can only conclude that this is a bug in mobile edge?


Does anybody have similar issues? Does anybody know if this is a know issue? Is it addressed? Is there a status?


Mobile Edge version:

Android version: 10; AC2003 Build/QKQ1.200412.002


Desktop Edge version: 85.0.564.51


Thanks in advance for your help!






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@petervledder Welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community, and thanks for posting this. Our apologies for the late reply. Here are some questions for you:


  1. Are you still seeing this? We've updated the mobile browser quite a bit since that version.
  2. If you are, can you please comment below letting us know that? If so, I'll bring this up to the Mobile team.
  3. And if you haven't yet, can you please submit feedback through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)

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 In the current version (46) the push still doesn't work, the data is null