Dev channel update to 89.0.760.0 is live


Hello insiders!  Today we’re releasing build 89.0.760.0 to the Dev channel.  It’s a light week this week, but here’s everything we’ve got to talk about: 


Added features: 


  • Enabled Password Monitor on Mac. 
  • Added Edge Update policies to edge://policy/. 
  • Enabled support for the Browsing Data Lifetime management policy from Chromium. 
  • Added a management policy to Define Preferred Languages.  Note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not be available yet. 


Improved reliability: 


  • Fixed a crash on launch. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where checking Edge’s version sometimes causes a crash. 
  • Fixed an issue where opening Edge in certain ways causes webpages to crash as soon as Edge is opened. 
  • Fixed a hang when using virtual desktops. 
  • Fixed an issue where re-installing Edge sometimes fails with an error that it’s still running. 


Changed behavior: 


  • Changed the list of Downloads to show printed files that have been saved as a PDF. 
  • Changed extensions to be pinned to the toolbar by default when they’re installed. 
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling or playing videos sometimes results in screen tearing or stuttering. 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping tabs is broken when using vertical tabs. 
  • Fixed an issue where Spellcheck settings are missing from the Language Settings page. 
  • Fixed an issue where Share doesn’t work when using Immersive Reader. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain interactions with downloads that have been blocked by SmartScreen fail. 
  • Fixed an issue where Guided Switch sometimes leaves an empty window open when moving a tab from one profile to another. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where Edge doesn’t re-open after an update. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where certain keyboard shortcuts don’t work. 
  • Fixed an issue where Top Sites on the new tab page sometimes show the wrong site icon. 
  • Fixed an issue where searching from the new tab page in an InPrivate window doesn’t work. 
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcut to open the search sidebar sometimes doesn’t work. 
  • Fixed an issue where Family Safety users sometimes can’t log into websites. 
  • Fixed an issue where rotating PDFs that have been inked on sometimes results in the ink moving incorrectly. 
  • Fixed an error when exporting a Collection to OneNote. 
  • Fixed an issue with dragging and dropping items into Collections. 
  • Fixed an issue where the management policy to Block Third Party Cookies disabled users from changing the setting when set as a recommended policy. 
  • Removed the ability to clear Hosted App Data when closing the browser since it wasn’t functional. 


Known issues: 


  • Certain extensions such as the Microsoft Editor extension don’t work on Linux.  As soon as they’re installed, they crash and are disabled.  We’re currently investigating. 
  • Users of certain ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on Youtube.  As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to proceed.  See for more details. 
  • Some users are still running into an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error.  The most common cause of this error is outdated security or antivirus software from vendors like Symantec, and in those cases, updating that software will fix it. 
  • Users of the Kaspersky Internet Suite who have the associated extension installed may sometimes see webpages like Gmail fail to load.  This failure is due to the main Kaspersky software being out of date, and is thus fixed by making sure the latest version is installed. 
  • Some users are seeing favorites get duplicated after we made some previous fixes in that area. The most common way this is triggered is by installing the Stable channel of Edge and then signing into it with an account that has already signed into Edge before.  This issue should be reduced now that automatic deduplication has been introduced into Insider channels.  However, we’ve also seen duplication happen when running the manual deduplicator on multiple machines before either machine has a chance to fully sync its changes, so while we wait for the automatic deduplication to make it to Stable, make sure to leave plenty of time in between runs of the deduplicator. 
  • Some users are seeing “wobbling” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touchscreens, where scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to subtly scroll back and forth in the other.  Note that this only affects certain websites and seems to be worse on certain devices.  This is most likely related to our ongoing work to bring scrolling back to parity with Edge Legacy’s behavior, so if this behavior is undesirable, you can temporarily turn it off by disabling the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag. 


As always, we couldn’t do this without you! 


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@valdessondev wrote:
I would like to speak Since the last two browser updates, I am unable to use read aloud, which has the built-in text-to-speech voice! I'm using Microsoft Edge dev on Linux Mint 20.0, which uses the Ubuntu system base, how do I open a problem to solve this? Note: the read out loud functionality was working since the beginning of my tests but after the two updates, I can no longer use it to be able to read articles

Edge on Linux has a feedback system and feedback button, if you don't see it on toolbar you might need to toggle its button here: edge://settings/appearance


use that to send a feedback about your problem, it's the recommended way for sending problems/bugs/suggestions to Edge developers. it will also send additional diagnostic data that will help solve the problem.


Hi Mr.Bodner,

I opened a topic about the new flyout buttons and more people are asking what I asked, for the Pinned state of Favorites/History/Collection/Downloads to be Remembered.


would you please consider this with higher priority?


I remember you said before that you're analyzing how often people use the Pin button so that you will decide whether to change it or not (since you're intentionally not remembering it), but the thing is, if the Pin is not remembered, then users are discouraged to repeat it again because there is no point in doing it every time.



@Ryan Buckwalter and anybody else experiencing Read Aloud issues, are any of you using Tracking Prevention in Strict mode?  We've currently got a known issue where Online voices don't work when using Strict Tracking Prevention, but the 3 offline ones should.  If that's not the issue you're experiencing, I'll let the Read Aloud team know.  

Pinned tab used to show favicon only, and I have 18 pined tab which take only 3 rows, but now, they show as nomal tabs size, and only show 7 non-pin tabs, others will scoll to show. 

@Jeffz9527 I believe this is an evolution of our design of the vertical tab pane to show different categories of tabs in the same way, with pinned tabs and regular tabs being the first two categories, since the whole point of the vertical tab pane is to be able to show more info about a tab instead of scrunching everything together like they are in horizontal mode, but I'll check with the team to see what their plans are for the old design.  

@HotCakeX I mean, there'd be other telemetry patterns that could also tell us that pinning would be useful, like people opening the flyout multiple times in succession, although for certain flyouts like favorites, that could also signal that alternate methods of opening multiple items at a time need to be surfaced better.  Regardless, I'll ask and see if we've got enough data yet to tell us anything useful, since we're still actively rolling our many of these new flyouts.  



Unfortunately, I cannot help with this issue, But I can say I DON'T like it. Horribly inconvenient.


Thanks for point this out to the developers.



Not certain if you are aware, but there appears to be an issue with certain websites loading and displaying properly. ( See attached image). Just wanted to give you a heads up. @josh_bodner 

Do flags get removed after they are fully added within Microsoft Edge or do rhey automaticially get enabled once Are they added?

@josh_bodner Please bring back the favicon-only layout for pinned tabs in vertical tab mode.  All of a sudden my pinned tabs are taking up a row each and vertical tabs is a whole lot less useful with all that wasted real estate.  Or, maybe even better, make it a configurable option whether to do favicon-only or whole rows for pinned tabs. Thanks!

@ethanmenzel The existence of a flag is actually kind of detached from the lifetime of the feature it controls.  By default, all flags have an expiry date that's defined somewhat-arbitrarily but can be extended if need be.  Once a flag expires it's no longer visible, but it could actually be removed at any time, or for that matter made invisible at any time.  

Please bring back the favicon-only layout for pinned tabs in vertical tab mode.  

@83steps and anybody else who wants this, please make sure you also file feedback so we can get an accurate count of everybody who liked the old design better!  

anybody else experiencing Read Aloud issues, are any of you using Tracking Prevention in Strict mode?  

Looks like a) I mis-remembered and it's actually people who have enabled the Autoplay Block setting who will run into the issue with Online voices, and b) we also were running an experiment that broke this for some people, but we're working on turning it off to get people un-broken.  

Eu tive que fazer o downgrade do Microsoft Edge dev E aí o sintetizador de voz neural voltou a funcionar

@josh_bodner A bit of feedback on the tab groups experimental flag. The new changes are a little ugly. The coin shaped/ squared group labels are fine, it fits the aesthetic better than circles. The lines being on the top is bad though. Especially on the tab you have selected. 


@Ebsolas wrote:

@josh_bodner A bit of feedback on the tab groups experimental flag. The new changes are a little ugly. The coin shaped/ squared group labels are fine, it fits the aesthetic better than circles. The lines being on the top is bad though. Especially on the tab you have selected. 


I 100% agree, it looks ugly and really looks like it's a bug.


the elements aren't even touching each other, there is gap there for no reason




I hope this is not intended because it's a regression compared to how it looked before





760版本中登录我的微软账号时提示无法进行数据同步“在你的登录设备上同步浏览数据时遇到问题。了解更多信息”,已经提交反馈。 @josh_bodner 

@inthink_root 我也遇到此问题。关于我问题的详细信息可参见本条。 


I'm also facing this problem. See this thread for more info about my case.

But there is something wrong with it. Sometimes it crashes the page.

thx for you reply ,now what should i do ? @mkoninin 

@josh_bodner I've never seen this "My Feed" window before. Is this new? When I choose the gear, it brings me to the "New Tab" settings page.