Dev Channel update to 119.0.2132 is live


Hello Insiders! We released build 119.0.2132 to the Dev channel! This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below. 

Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility: Creating products and services for people with disabilities... 

Dynamic Lighting is now available on Windows 11 - Microsoft Edge Blog ( 


Added features: 

  • Added 'New Update Recommended' action into Browser Essentials. 
  • Added feature flag to allow auto-grouping with just one tab. 
  • Added data consistency compare result as a section in sync-internals page.  
  • Added support for "add to favorites" feature in the right-click context menu. 
  • Added "new tab group" icon to quick tab actions menu. 
  • Added function to the menu model that moves all items past a certain index into a submenu. 
  • Android: Codex support landscape mode 


Improved reliability:   

  • Fixed a browser crash when clicking on a credit card field shows autofill dropdown. 
  • Fixed a browser crash when clicking "Open Side Panel to see All Bookmarks" in favorites bar. 
  • Fixed: Tab key doesn't work correctly in address bar  
  • Fixed spacing issue caused by tab group minor text. 
  • Android: Fixed an NPE crash for desktop site mode. 


Changed behavior: 

  • Profiles: This allows editing avatars in associated profiles 
  • User can now save the shopping shoreline icon state.   
  • Fixed issue where user reports now able to copy using CTRL+C when "Mini menu on text selection" is enabled. 
  • Sidebar adjusts icon color in high contrast mode to ensure that switch currently on hover. 
  • Fixed accessibility issue which announces success message for Copy link button in share dialog 
  • Fixed an issue when text in Editor's radio button text doesn't appear in High Contrast Aquatic Mode. 
  • Fixed an issue when "Loading" text isn't translated on Desktop/Mobile when setting Top 9 Languages (Not include English (US)). 
  • Fixed an issue with tabs added while Fluid container is disconnected (not closed) getting lost if workspace closed before reconnecting. 
  • Fixed a bug when no action was being performed on invoking 'Open Workspace' button using keyboard with 'Enter/Space' keys. 
  • Fixed a jitter issue when renaming the first-level folder of Other Favorites in 'List view' and then clicking outside the input box. 
  • Fixed an issue where the omnibox notification was not being closed on page navigation or active tab change. 
  • Changed control button back to horizontal layout in split screen. 
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where clicking the tab suggestion should go to opened tab.  
  • iOS: There would be no translation of page on edge:* sites 
  • Android: Fixed a bug when keyboard focus is not visible in wallpaper edit page. 
  • Android: Fixed an issue when tab group cannot be shown in 'recently closed'. 


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate. 

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds. 



22 Replies

Downloading files (on Window) is broken after updating to this build.
Files are downloaded to Downloads folder regardless of the "Ask me what to do with each download" setting.
there's no progress on how the download is doing. Instead, downloads show as complete immediately after starting the download.
The file does not get its final name. Instead, the filename remains "Unconfirmed ####.crdownload".

This version is not usable. As mentioned by others, download is broken. As soon as you click on something that trigger download, the file will appeared as download complete with the option to open file. However, in the file system, the file will show as Unconfirmed XXXXXX.crdownload. When you try to close the browser, Edge will say you still have incompleted download and ask do you want to close. Appreciate if this can be address quickly, as a browser that cannot perform file download is pretty useless.
As others have mentioned, downloads in this build are completely broken. As in, downloads do not work AT ALL. This was an issue in the same version in Canary and was not fixed (how??).
Why is the welcome page not being updated and shown after the browser update? I was thinking there weren't any posts related to the update. Apparently, we just have to go searching for information if we want to read it.
Yes, download is terribly broken. This was reported on Canary prior to it making its way to Dev.
Joining the choir of users to say that downloads are indeed broken with this build.
This is big glitch, I'm having to use a backup browser to download files.
I'd like to see the welcome page again - so much easier!
I've found a workaround! Right click, choose "Save link as" and then go to the download folder. It shows the file correctly.

Please, fix this asap!

@sweta_bandodker The download issue is a serious bug/glitch, please tell us there is a fix coming out soon. 

这说明在 Canary 版本反馈的问题,edge团队根本就没有引起重视。
Downloads broken for me in the same way as everyone else.

I did figure out that you can just rename the file with the correct extension and use the file normally if you know the type of file it should be.  I've been downloading PDFs and Excel files.  Renaming them seems to work fine.

And still AV1 is completely broken.
And Canary v119.0.2144.0 randomly closes and still has the download bug. lol. I understand it being this broken in Canary, but don't understand why something as major as the downloading bug would have made it into Dev. I reported it the same day it started because I download multiple times a day.
v119.0.2145.0 The only tab open was Settings->About and just let it sit unattended until it crashed after about two minutes. Bucket ID 4d6cf8e8464ed51d3515cf8d71e9368f CAB ID 14c3efd0-5313-4f87-a064-b6f8cc703876

@Migue333 Only if I disable "Ask me what to do with each download" setting, it will download files normally...

From the ongoing issues with Canary, "ask me what to do" only "fixes" it for certain file extensions. This is a bug that should have never made it to Dev. At least Dev can stay running for more than 2 minutes though(unlike the last 3 Canary releases). Hopefully this doesn't make it up to Dev too.