Dev Channel update to 115.0.1843.0 is live


Hello Insiders! We are releasing the first 115 build with 115.0.1843.0. This release includes a range of fixes, new features, and policies. Mobile devices will get the update at a later date. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below.



Added features:  

  • You can now drag links anywhere in the Vertical Tabs area to open the link in a New Tab.
  • Discover pane is now resizable.
  • macOS:
    • Added Control + Option + Command + Down shortcut to open spellcheck correction card.
  • Enterprise:
    • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
      • Added DiscoverPageContextEnabled policy.
      • Added policy to configure recommended settings dialogs.


Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed browser crash when selecting text in the InPrivate window.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed browser crash when prompting proxy credentials.
  • Android:
    • Fixed browser crash when tapping on the forward or back button twice quickly.


Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed unable to play videos on certain websites.
  • Fixed AV1 media playback.
  • Fixed Workspaces unable to reconnect when lost connection.
  • Fixed edge://app-settings page displaying “This page has been blocked by Microsoft Edge” message.
  • Fixed the missing Discover pane header.
  • Linux:
    • Fixed spellcheck suggestions not working in certain scenarios.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed the browser not getting focus when opening links from other apps.
  • WebView2:
    • Fixed ScriptDialogOpening issues for beforeunload kind (#3355)
    • Lunching External URI API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed external unmanaged links not opening in InPrivate tabs on Android.
    • Fixed keyboard shortcut for Discover still activates Discover while being disabled by policy.


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate. 


Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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AV1 is still not working. HEVC works, but Dolby Vision gives incorrect colors.

(Copied from another release page which I thought was for today, sorry!)

@Eric_E my whole family loves this browser - just curious though:

  1. Are any of these crash fixes related to the right click stall crashes which occur in more memory-hungry sites? As much as we love how feature-rich MS has made its flavor of Chromium, I've never had a browser crash as much as Edge does...even in Stable/Main builds. I think it might be related to the spelling/grammar checker.
  2. Can we have unlimited history retention? It would also be super appreciated if MS could write/implement a way to work around the 3-month history limit arbitrarily imposed by Chromium core devs, since I never delete my history and use it for research - Firefox does this by default.
  3. Can we please allow for the reordering of sidebar sites/apps? I don't like having work & entertainment apps mixed together accidentally.
  4. Can we have unlimited workspace colors? The current palette is pretty blah and some colors look uggo in my opinion. Would be cool to have a color picker and "commonly used colors" section.

But seriously, thanks for such an awesome browsing experience. And trust that this is something I never thought I'd say to MS ;)

@Eric_E Thank you for the fix on the vertical tab empty space. Now only one thing that annoys me remains which is the copy link text in the context menu, can it be restored?



What is the keyboard shortcut to "Move tab to new window"?

And if there is none yet, could you ask the developers to add one please? Thanks.


(Moving tabs to their own browser window is most likely a feature which is more frequently used than some other features which do a have a keyboard shortcut).




Could you please fix this weird line border that goes over the favourites bar when it is activated for new tabs only? It looks really weird and bugs me. I think that if you improve this the aesthetics and appearance will improve a lot. Thank you.





@Paul_VC  Hi Paul, I don't know if you know this already but you can drag tabs away from the window you want to get a new window from & it will give you a new window, when you get it far enough away. I hope this helps.


that video playback on "certain websites" was so pointed hahahahaha I'm glad I can watch drag race in peace thanks <3
Indeed, thanks, I am aware of this. In addition to this, a keyboard shortcut would be useful, as this is a frequently used feature. There are other features, likely much less used, which do have a keyboard shortcut.


This version does no longer use the white font color on tab categories, it is now fairly hard to read: 



Hi, the colors of the open tabs, the camp is dull to me, which is not very beautiful, I liked the past ones more, and it would be cool to be able to choose the color of the masonry myself. Thank you for the update!

@Eric_E Still can't use the vertical tab in full screen on MacOS:cry:


  • Fixed edge://app-settings page displaying “This page has been blocked by Microsoft Edge” message.

this thing is still there