Dev Channel update to 111.0.1660.0 is live


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing another Dev build this week with version number 111.0.1660.0. This release includes mostly fixes and a new feature and policy. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below. Additionally, we got a new blog post about Microsoft Edge and Interop 2023.


Please note this build is currently available for Windows and macOS, while other platforms will receive the Dev build at a later date.


Microsoft Edge and Interop 2023 - Microsoft Edge Blog (


Added features:  

  • Added Move All Tabs to New Workspace option.
  • Enterprise:
    • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
      • Added Automatic HTTPS policy.


Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed browser crash when copying or pasting text in the search bar.
  • Fixed browser crash related to WebAuthn Conditional Mediation request.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Sidebar.
  • Fixed browser crash when opening Outlook Sidebar.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed browser crash when opening Favorites, Collection, or History.
    • Fixed browser crash when visiting the account settings page.
  • Android:
    • Fixed browser crash when opening the download page.



Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed the blank Appearance setting page.
  • Fixed scrolling issues on the Share Workspace dialog.
  • Fixed the Follow button in the address bar not displaying in certain scenarios.
  • Android:
    • Fixed unable to close the keyboard when using the search bar.
  • WebView2:
    • Permission Management API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
    • ScriptLocale API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
    • SharedBuffer API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
    • Fixed the black screen issue in certain scenarios.
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed print margin settings from resetting back to the default value when using the PrintPreviewStickySettings policy.



Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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How do I disable or remove the discover button to the right of the ellipses?
the blank system setting page,macOS

@Eric_E PDF files can't be opened at build 1661.





+1 for this. Please remove the button (or give us the option to); If I wanted the Discover menu I'd turn it on myself.

There is now a 'discover' button on the top right but it seems to be impossible to remove this thing. Is it possible to get an option to disable this (and the 'side bar' stuff)?
So, how disable and hide Discover button?
It's annoying how sidebar pop up when I didn't even press this button
Also it eats space from addressbar and I don't like it
And it's not respecting my privacy settings and show me some "related" content even when I turned it off

@BoydB you can use group policy to disable this by adding the following registry key:


DWORD: HubsSidebarEnabled

Value: 0


Then go to edge://policy and hit reload policy.


More info: 


This needs to be a user facing setting, though.


@Eric_E Also please bring back the flag to enable mica effects in the title bar!!! 

The Microsoft Rewards menu item can no longer be added as a toolbar button.
That's not it. It just opens up the discover feed by simply hovering and not even clicking the button. Hope it is just an oversight else it looks like a really insidious way to get users to drive traffic to the discover portal.

@Eric_E Is there anyway to disable the discover button on the top right?

Changing playback speed on any video YouTube website makes the audio disappear. Also, Edge's performance in YouTube is really really bad in general.
I love that this is the top comment. Give me the ability to remove this button. I open the sidebar when I need to, and Bing is already my search engine. I don't need an unremovable item in my toolbar, the profile icon was already one too many.

My address bar is approaching 50% of my screen width at 720p.
I like using Edge, but I never thought it was any better or worse than Firefox. The main advantage it has for me is that it awards rewards points that I can put towards GamePass. This unremovable, open-on-hover, distracting Discover page will give me reason to ditch Edge for Firefox though. Perhaps Microsoft will make enough money from this that it'll offset the loss from whatever exodus this will cause, but I think it is a mistake in the long term. The court of public opinion on Edge has only recently started to shake off the lingering infamy from IE. I've started seeing more and more people defend Edge as a superior Chromium browser to Chrome online. But decisions like this will change that fast. I don't want to see Edge relegated to "the browser you use to download a better browser," but that may start being the case, for tech-literate users at least. I hope Microsoft's market research is very certain that this will be beneficial for the company.
Thanks for this pointer. In my case I had to use the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge, but it worked.

This is the kind of developer behavior that'll drive me back to using Google Chrome.

so, what were 1660.1 and 1660.2 released over the weekend for?