Dev channel update to 106.0.1363.0 is now live!


Hello again insiders, we are releasing the newest build to the Dev channel. We have added new features, fixed current issues, and improved reliability. We have also changed the behavior of other items as well, as we do weekly.


In case you missed it last week, we provided an update on what we heard from the surveys you took the time to fill out for us. Missy talks more about that here: Survey results and an update on our plans with the Insiders - Microsoft Tech Community 



  • Added a tooltip display on thumbs up/down so it is read aloud by Narrator 
  • Updated the policy for Efficiency mode support 

Improved reliability: 

  • Fixed an issue where Web Select doesn’t copy some images 
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth focus on Duo devices 

Changed behavior:   

  • Fixed orientation issue with printing 
  • Fixed an issue where certain keyboard keys like the arrow keys do not work in text fields 
  • Fixed missing smart explore icon on certain videos 


Thank you all again for helping us with versions for 106, we could not do it without you. More updates are coming soon and thank you for all the feedback to make things better.

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Thank you for sharing, hope you will add more new features in the future version.
saludos gracias por la actualisacion pero yo no utlizo la version dev si no la canary y la reciente actualisacion no permite que el navegador se inicie quiero saber si me pueden ayudar con este problema que me esta afectando



I've just noticed that in today's Stable 105 update the 'Microsoft Edge scrolling personality' flag, which I've had set to 'disabled' since it first appeared, has stopped working and the scrolling behaviour has reverted to the wild side-to-side wobbling while scrolling quickly down long pages and the awful 'elastic rubber overscroll' effect or whatever you call it when reaching the top or the bottom of the page that setting that flag to disabled has stopped until now. I also only now notice  (as I seldom run them, having given up hope you'll ever address what was my main issue with Edge) that in Dev and Canary Edge that flag has gone entirely, and the new 'Windows Scrolling Personality', if it's supposed to do the same thing, also has no effect in disabling this awful, nauseous scrolling 'experience'.


This, for me, is the final nail in Edge's coffin. I absolutely cannot and will not put up with this abominable scrolling behaviour. The fact that you've done NOTHING to address the crippling of the UI for people who use 20/30+ extensions when the Extensions button replaced the old extensions toolbar overflow area at the top of he More... menu  - not even allowing the user to re-order the extensions in the Extensions button drop-down menu, which wouldn't have been ideal but would have just about returned minimal usability -  has meant that I do not use Edge for general browsing, but have made minor use of it for staying open displaying the TV guide I use while doing my general browsing in Firefox as that DOES provide a good UI for quickly accessing many more extensions than fit on the toolbar. But this terrible loss of the ability to have Edge behave reasonably when scrolling long pages is it for me - especially as the TV guide page I've been using in Edge is a very LONG page (a lot of channels) I scroll very rapidly up and down on many times an evening. I simply cannot use Edge for this anymore now it's scrolling like this, so this is a complete goodbye to Edge on my laptop, and that means dropping any use of it on my Android phone too. I'll just open a second window in Firefox for the TV Guide.


I marvel at how every week, month after month, you put more and more 'features' into Edge, none of which are the slightest interest to me, while casually trashing what to me are basic, important abilities (scrolling, a good usable interface for using 20/30+ extension tools) that you DID have perfectly fine but then wrecked for me, making the browser unusable.


This isn't even something forced on you by Chromium, because I just opened Chrome for the first time in an age, and while I don't like it and won't normally use it, it does still scroll up and down in a sane way, like Firefox, without drunken, nausea inducing weaving from side to side and bouncy-overscrolling at top and bottom.


Congratulations. Whoever decided to kill the functionality of disabling the Microsoft Edge scrolling personality flag has finished off losing you at least this one user. Effectively for good. Maybe I'll have a look in a year to see if anything's improved. But as Firefox does what I need the way I need it, and its devs are not in the habit of killing behaviour or features I need the way yours are, I'm quite likely not to feel the urge to look at Edge again.

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hi @LisaS !


sorry this not the right spot but must dash, sorry.


Running 105.0.1343.27 and got the new "Let's Go!" interface greeting. Thought why not, use Edge regularly for public-facing production and clicked. All went well, until got to the "Start browsing" icon on the final "next" option. Link inoperative?


no biggie,

almost all good,

please alert the dept. of random feedback lol




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Thank you for that feedback. I will pass what you said along to developers.

Hi @LisaS


After update to version 105.0.1343.27 we can't import CSV password file anymore. The import function is still there but after selecting csv file nothing happens, like it can't find the file.




I'm having a major issue with 100% CPU usage and my macbook running hot with Edge now. It's been an issue the past month or so, through several versions of the Beta version. I'm on macOS Mojave with a M1 macbook air. I switched to Dev, Version 106.0.1363.0 (Official build) Devand it was fine yesterday but its back since last night. Macbook runs very hot (usually its cool) with Edge and 100% CPU usage.
As @DavidGB has said, please fix the 'scrolling personality' flag. I hate it.

Is there an update to Dev channel yesterday? Cause I can't open my Microsoft Edge Dev since then. Working on Windows 10 22H1.

I have the same issue. Seems like there was an update yesterday. The msedge.exe version shows as 106.0.1370.4. My OS version is Windows 10 21H2.


Problem with password csv file import in not fixed in version 105.0.1343.33 :(

Now back to normal. Currently at version 107.0.1375.0.
I will see what I can find out regarding your issue. Thank you for letting us know.
The newest Dev channel was release yesterday according to an email I have. Are you still having the issue?
Thank you, I am checking into this to see if I missed a communication on a release that day.

Now it had been back to normal at version 107.0.1375.0. I assume the Dev release you mentioned is refer to this version.
On Wednesday, for whatever reason Edge Dev was unable to start up. Using Task Manager I could see that Edge started up for a few seconds in background task then suspended then just gone. I just guess that there was an update at Wednesday since that was usually the time Dev channel update.

Great! We did push that out version out Thursday. The schedule has been a little off this week. Thank you for letting us know.
I am unable to log into with the latest dev version. I had to resort to using Chrome...
I recently installed this version of the chromium edge browser after running the beta version, I quickly discovered that the 'sync' feature didn't seem to be functioning correctly. As has been the case at least for me the favorites that got synced were completely wrong, and I ended up deleting all of them and I exported a favorites html file from the beta version that was correct. I really might have hoped by now that seemingly persistent issue would have been corrected by now. Has anyone else experienced the same exact or similar issue ?