DEV 99.0.1145.0 is wildly unstable, avoid updating if possible


Drop down menu selection causing Error code: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION


Here's Windows 11(bonus browser crashing on trying to record feedback steps)


Here's Server 2016


Try selecting option 2.


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Hey @Jason Baginski, I'm a little confused about the title of this post. The next Dev channel build will be 99.0.1141.x so it sounds like you're referring to the Canary build 99.0.1145.0? The dropdown problem is a known issue and the fix was pushed a few hours ago. It looks like the fix made it in to Canary 1146, which is rolling out now. If you're still seeing these crashes after updating Canary to 1146, or if you're seeing them in Dev (currently v99.0.1135.5 or 99.0.1135.6 depending on your platform) let me know.


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Terribly sorry. Yes, I meant Canary. Looking forward to 1146.
And 1146 fixes the issue. Thanks!
Yay, that's great to hear! Thanks for circling back =)

@Alexandra-R Except 1146 now doesn't show any printers when trying to print PDFs(has Save PDF and Add Printer, clicking Add Printer brings up Windows settings showing my 8 installed printers). Recording feedback also crashes the browser. Weee.