Desktop edge stable, option to scroll into view of a vertical tab opened by mouse wheel button?

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Unsure if this is the place to ask this.

Currently, if you open a new tab under another tab, while in vertical tabs, the new tab pushes all the other tabs below that, placing the latest out of view if vertical tabs is full. So far so good.

Creating a new tab under the latest tab, using right click -> new tab, or pressing on the "new tab" button, scrolls the tab view to the newly created tab. Again, so far so good.


However, creating the tab under the latest tab using the mouse wheel button instead, will not do this, creating the tab out of view. Coming from firefox, i'm not very comfortable with this, where the newly created tab is always created in view, and it kinda feels like a bug, since this only happens with mouse wheel, and not with right click -> new tab, which i would expect to do the same thing as mouse wheel. Each time i create a tab by clicking on a link with the mouse wheel, i have to manually scroll to it, which is not nice.


Is there an option i'm not aware of that would fix this?

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