Deployment/patching in Enterprises

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How [managed] deployment/patching in Enterprises will look like. Hopefully not with local task scheduler.

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Hi @Thilo Langbein, we are still working on our full management story.  Thank you for taking the time to try out the next versions of Microsoft Edge, and please keep updating.

@Thilo Langbein, I, too, would like to see a proper method for deployment/updating in an enterprise. I don't want all of our computers individually downloading updates at random times, creating bandwidth and version chaos.


My preference would be either pushing the updates through WSUS so they can be deployed via SCCM/WSUS or an application that can be pushed out through SCCM and enables the background updating so you don't have to have Edge closed before the install starts.


I would also prefer not to have it pushed through the Store.

@IdeasMan WSUS will not come. An internal deployment point for the upates is the minimum requirement.

Are there news about this point?
MSI's are available, but I dont want to build SCCM-Packages every two days