Delay on screenshot

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hey can you add for alt shift i a way to redo the screen shot after some delay 1 to 10 seconds ?

Because some time alt + shift + i close the menu we want to add on the report and we have to use the tool of windows 10 to do the screen shot

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For times when I have this problem, I either use the "recreate my problem" to capture an elusive bug or take screenshot with snip n' sketch then add it to attachments in feedback :)


"recreate my problem" records a high quality video of the screen or the program you select, saves it as WebM video format in a super small size, you can even save it to your computer. kinda use this tool as a video recorder

Yes it's in fact a good way thanks !! (but i also think about people wo don't want ou don't use thirs party some of them will just cancel the report), so more complete is the report tool better is, or they can also have their own zone in commentary-hub (this tool is really good ^^)
Yeah totally agree ;)