Default Printer in Edge (Beta)

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Edge (Beta) seems to be stuck on Print as PDF by default, even though 1) that is not my default printer in Windows, and 2) I have Edge print settings set to use the default Windows printer. Yes, I can change printers, but I have to do it every time.


Yes, I actually want to print on a real piece of paper without have to change the printer every time. 

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@hschoenman hi i went to internet explorer and set the default printer there (overriding windows handling it), that reflected in Edge for me.

@Tanya Denton 

I just tried that. Seems IE is already set to use my Windows default printer. 


The problem I'm having is not with the released version of Edge, but the new Chrome-based Edge, aka "Edge Beta." Even the icon is different.

so your problem is only in Edge version 80 (Beta) and not the Edge 79 (stable) which can be downloaded from here? ?

True. Edge Beta. It’s the Chromium-based version. A totally different product than the production Edge.

Btw, while I didn’t like and seldom used Edge, Edge Beta is great and I made it my default browser. My only problem with it is its insistence That print should always create a pdf by default.
I am on beta as well. When I set it in ie it said do I want to override windows setting. Maybe switch it to another printer and back again it may work.


I have the same problem with the Edge beta version (appears with the Edge icon with "DEV" at the bottom).  Printer defaults to "Save as PDF".  Changing it to a real printer (the system default) remains until the Edge session ends.  New session reverts to "Save as PDF".  This has been the case with all versions of the beta version.  Very annoying in what is an otherwise excellent product!

Even more frustrating is that this printer behavior carries over to the production version of the new Edge. I don’t understand Microsoft’s thinking on this. But yes, an otherwise fine product.