Date filtering of Bing Searches

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I have become extremely reliant on being able to filter out or on searches by date. Often there are posts that are days, months, years old that are not relevant in both I want data that is old or I just want the most recent. Currently, there is a default window set that can be used consiting of less than a day, week or month old. While that is great for some statistics and data mining it is just not good enough for research. This lack of capability forces me to go back to Google to find pertinent data associated with a period. I was even envisioning a tag team capability where Bing mines the gross data and Edge Dev provides an interface to refine the data, maybe even manipulate it.
I would think that seeding Bing would provide a better set of raw material.

What does anyone else think?

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Hi @PhilipE3 

Bing stores all of your searches in here:

and you are able to search through them as well





I think your feedback about Bing to have more filters should be heard by the folks that are actually in charge of the Bing engine development


Microsoft Edge is a multiplatform browser that should work well with all search engines, preferably the same way and give all search engines the same abilities so that everyone with any preference can use it.

There are more tools in here:
all of them shown nicely in a timeline in a infinite scrolling page. i don't personally think or see that Bing has any shortage of analytic tools compared to Google.
there are a lot more devices that Microsoft has access to so it can record more data and present to you.

there is also the option to download your data and history in archives so you can run research on them easier using more advanced tools.