D3DSCache directory

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For some time I have this directory which appeared in AppData\Local, you know what it is ?

I can deleted it but reappears as soon as I launch Edge



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Located at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local

We conclude with a folder that isn't as critical for operating system tasks as the above, but is still worth mentioning as many people wonder what it is. D3DSCache is a folder that contains cached information for Microsoft's Direct3D API.

This is part of DirectX, which is used for graphics display in games and other visually intensive software. You shouldn't need to touch the files inside under normal circumstances, and they only take up a few megabytes. However, if you're experiencing game crashes related to graphics files, clearing this cache may be a useful step.



Thanks for your explanations, this D3DScache is "better" for the graphic part?
I tested with and without, and I see no difference.