Cursor lags in omnibox

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After updating the canary to 81.0.370.0, the cursor in omnibox is freezing and lagging behind what I type. I don't have any extensions or flags enabled. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling but the bug still persists. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? 

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yes we are all experiencing it on version 81.0.370.0, it's a universal bug.


@abc1234 Thanks for letting us know. We just released an update, so if you haven't already, can you try this in the latest versions of Edge and Chrome Canary? And if it's still happening (especially just on Edge,) can you please submit feedback so the team can track it?


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@Deleted Seems like it is fixed now. Thanks.

@Deleted Thanks for such an early fix. The edge team is awesome

@Maan2003 @abc1234 Yay, glad to hear that did the trick!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge