¿Cuál es la diferencia?

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Me explico, hace unos momentos descubrí que hay versiones preliminares de Microsoft Edge, y me gustaría ser parte del programa Insider, pero quiero saber, además de la breve descripción que me dan en esa página, ¿cuáles son las diferencias entre cada versión?


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Canary channel = receives updates quickly, almost daily, might be less stable than other channels. no daily change log posts for Canary. users usually post about the new features they find in the forum.

Dev channel = receives weekly updates, in my experience, the stability of Dev and Canary channels are the same. there is a weekly change log post in the forum for it.

Beta channel = it's officially supported. it's the most stable insider channel, receives major updates ~every 6 weeks, receives minor updates whenever needed.

you can install all insider channels and stable channel of Edge on one computer. use sync on all of them.