Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order


I hope to see an option under settings  to select -"Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order"


as seen in Firefox an IE11

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@a500313 Thanks for sending your feedback about using CTRL+Tab to cycle through tabs in recently used order.  I will forward it to the developer team.  


Eric E.

This is the only reason I currently use Firefox as my main development browser. So far only Firefox and opera has this. It would be a great feature for developer & I would consider using Edge as the main development browser if this is implemented.

For me must have. This is why I didn't used the previous Edge version. Without this feature browsing internet when you have lots of tabs and you do some research is really difficult.

@irmanahmad I also use Firefox for this reason!

@Eric_MS Is there anything new with this? Is it still under consideration or decided it won't be added ever?

please implement it, is just few lines of code ... i hope dev teams see this
Yeah. Thats keeping me from using Edge as my default browser. Don't know why it's not implemented yet. Many Chromium based browsers offer this option.
Any updates on regarding this feature? Is there any plugins that can solve the problem?

There's surely a reason that MS has had z-ordered windows via ALT-TAB since about 1991 - it works & people like it. It's just weird that Edge has no option for this with tabs - I do understand that it exposes them as top-level windows so using ALT-TAB gets the effect, but doing that seems wrong to me: I don't want my overall apps list cluttered with two dozen tabs. Keep that under the browser with CTRL-TAB switching, just add an option for the ordering.

It's been 3 years and they couldn't add this basic feature.