Crashing Version 127.0.2604.0

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Again crashes on certain pages. For example

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It's crashing for me too, but it's not certain pages - it's any saved bookmark that is clicked. Feedback also crashes without sending a report.



It is indeed crashing on some pages too. Amazon I can get to without issue but or and it instantly stops responding and then crashes.

Getting same problem.. Dennis5mile
Yes, happens here also.
Waiting for new version. For now using stable version.
Seems it is related to uBlock. Disabling extension doesn't fix crashing but it is much better.
Agreed that it seems to be uBlock related.



Mine is crashing consistently as well. 


Also a user of uBlock.


Version 127.0.2604.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

uBlock Version1.58.0


seems to be related to adblockers -

replaced Ublock by Adaware; same story...

when deacivated all runs well.

Seems fixed in 128.0.2610.0
I'm using uBlock and it does indeed seem stable.
The Problem seems to be fixed in the newest Canary build 128.0.2610.0