Copilot not audibly speaking answers anymore, HELP I NEED THIS!!!

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I have been using the CoPilot Preview every single day for HOURS every morning, it teaches me how to use Power Query, Excel and Power BI. I have come to heavily rely on its ability to speak answers back to me when I click the Microphone button. As of yesterday, it is no longer speaking answers back to me, I can only read the replies.


Is there a fix, a way to reinstall, ANYTHING I can do? 


On 23H2 build 22631.2792


Thanks, JF

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I have the same problem as you, I have tried many different things without success.
no tengo el Código del producto MICROSOFT 365 pague por adelantado.
I JUST noticed this morning the addition of a "READ ALOUD" button at the bottom of the CoPilot for Windows Preview. I don't know when this arrived, but at least I can now tap a button to get my read out! Very happy about this, although I found it much easier to simply have it read aloud automatically and I could then tap the icon to silence it if needed.

I now have to wait until the sometimes very lengthy answer is complete before the button displays. I'll take what I can get for now and hit the feedback button in the meantime.

@Jim Fallon 


you see i thought if you typed the question it didn't read out aloud. but when you ask a question using voice to text with your mic then it responded in kind with audio

@nullcure For quite some time this was not working on Consumer CoPilot on taskbar on all of my computers, I then noticed a button show up one day to "play" the audio AFTER it had been filled out on the screen, it was a long time to wait for the audio. In the middle of those struggles, I paid for CoPilot Pro to try it out, and I have all my functionality back. I am unclear if they have brought this functionality back on the Consumer version. As far as I am concerned, I am happy for now. 


I REALLY look forward to straight up conversation with the computer, I realize this is too much for them to handle at the moment, but I'm sure we are heading this way. AI has been amazing for myself who is pretty good at prompting it, but it's still a struggle for average consumers, who may expect too much and not quite know how to handle certain anomalies with it.

all it takes is just a little improvised creativity in language. unless its purely technical