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What is the email to contact Microsoft support (for Edge) ?
The only one found is for Partner members

We never have an answer on the hub, forum, etc... while by email, there is always an agent to answer



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Is it no longer possible to contact support by email ?


It would be nice to have an answer, for example if it's an ugly feature or a bug, the accent color of the title bar for a month and a half that we're asking for


I am not Edge team but what is the issue?



Several of us have asked for the accent color of the title bar (almost 2 months it has been gray with the default theme) and not the color chosen in Windows

And never got a response
I see, is it possible give image of what thee want? Is this feature in other browser?



Now, this gray is present in the Canary, DEV and Beta version, but not in the stable version (this is the color chosen in Windows)

With old versions of Canary and the stable one, that's it (color chosen in Windows)




Now the blue is replaced by gray (which is very ugly)

Try these websites!

Interesting, I didn't know that Windows Edge tab color was matching Windows one.. hmmm.. probably should send feedback.

With the default theme, It was the color chosen in Windows (accent color), normal behavior

I already created a theme to have the color from before (it was that or change browser)
This gray that MS puts everywhere is just horrible :cry: