Collections sync disabled in Canary?

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Collections sync works fine in Dev (102.0.1217.0) and Stable (100.0.1185.36) but looks to have been deprecated or disabled in Canary (102.0.1220.0). I'm hoping this was a mistake:



Anyone know what's going on?


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I assume you're a Collections user. Did you notice the setting because you noticed your Collections weren't syncing, or did you just stumble across the setting? Also, if you haven't yet, could you file feedback so we can get some logs to start figuring out what's going on?


I noticed that collections weren't syncing, then went to check that sync was enabled and found the setting greyed out. I'll submit feedback.



It showed me that it's enabled. But I face a severe problem in collections! when I downloaded the canary version at some version 101, I got only 1 collections folder! I have many folders in the stable version. collections have a major syncing problem. Thanks

Just to add that this issue is still present in 102.0.1243.0.

... and continues into 103.0.1254.0.
@josh_bodner Any comment?