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Really need ability to search (and you can in Toby extension) and/or tag pages in collections.  Loving collections, visually and use. As the number of collections and pages grows, need ability to organize collections and pages within. Eventually  send a page to a to-do or create a connected OneNote. Lots to do, sure.

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@early_steve Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the MS Edge Insider community! It's great to hear that you're enjoying Collections. 


The good news is that the team is definitely aware of that feedback, and is actively working on bringing new functionalities to the Collections experience. However, if you'd like to give this a "+1" upvote, feel free to submit those two suggestions through the browser (Shift + Alt +I) so that the team knows that more people are interested in those functionalities.


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Still loving and using Collections. My habit: With each Edge dev release, I first scan for news about Collections, and we certainly have seen a lot, re syncing and such. I wonder if you have any news about core features related to using Collections to organize work: search, hierarchy, other ideas. Make a Todo from a collection or collection item?
And it is 2021-06-22 now.
There is still no search bar, can't share your collections.
Windows Edge browser is important. I don't know why.
Windows Edge Browser. Collection tool, management page. Local tool.
Please add some new thing. It's hard to use collection now.
We need search bar, a way to share/collaborate our collection.
We need management tool, page.

Please help us to send a feedback. Thank you.
Hi. It’s been a while since this thread was created, so I was wondering if it’s possible to prioritize this request, considering that the bookmarks (called “Favorites”) feature already has it? Thanks.

Dear MS Edge product manager and developers,


It's 2022. Why hasn't Collections received the care it deserves and that users need? You introduced a marvelous feature, but just planting a seed in the dirt doesn't mean it will grow.


Why can't I tag both Collections and Collection items?


Why can't I organize Collections into folders and Collection items into folders within Collections?


Why can't I share Collections just like I can share Collection items (though you've done a pretty good job of hiding that functionality)?

Why can't I add notes directly to a Collection just like I can do with individual Collection items?


Why can't I search Collections (by name, tags, dates, notes)?


Why can't I search Collection items (by name, tags, dates, notes) in a specific Collection, a group of selected Collections, or all Collections?


Why do I have to do your jobs by enumerating these basic features?


Where's the check for my consulting services?


Love your work, guys, but let's get this stuff into the pipeline and completed.

Couldn't agree more...