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It would be very useful to hide or disable the close ‘x’ button on a tab because I often (and I guess many people)  click on it by accident, and thus close the tab unintentionally.

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@Peter_Dinh I agreed, plus the 'x' looks very "ugly". Imagine you have 10 tabs, all with an 'x', looks nasty to me.

@Peter_Dinh Yes, may just enable the 'x' on the current active tab. If we need to close any tab fast we could just mid click it anyway!

I generally don't have a problem with the 'x' for each tab. What does bother me is the 'x' in the top right corner that closes Edge. It works like a charm, but because I'm so used to closing windows by clicking on the 'x' in the top right corner of a window, I will often hit that 'x' to close a tab and Edge disappears. I understand the need for the 'x' in that position and it works great unless I'm just closing a tab. Perhaps that 'x' could be updated to have two functions - single click closes the current tab; double click closes Edge. This would eliminate me having to rebuild my Edge window.

The Edge team wouldn't be able to make it so single-clicking the X in the corner did anything different from double-click as that's not a difference Windows itself supports.


However, there is a way to make Edge not just close immediately when you click that X:

(1) In the Address Bar, enter edge://flags/#edge-ask-before-closing-multiple-tabs then press ENTER

(2) Change the dropdown for "Ask Before Closing Multiple Tabs" to Enabled

(3) Press the Restart button at the bottom, and wait for a new Edge window to appear

(4) In the Address Bar, enter edge://settings/appearance then press ENTER

(5) Turn "Ask before closing multiple tabs" to On


If you don't see "Ask before closing multiple tabs" in the Appearance section of the settings, close every Edge window you have open, then bring-up a new one.  You should then see it

Thank you, @dftf-wip  I appreciate the help.  I've made the changes.  All I need to do is restart Edge.


Accidentally closing a tab is not to much a big deal other than being a pain in the patooty. You can right click anywhere on the tabs bar or on another tab and you will see a selection to reopen closed tab. It will open that closed tab right where you left off....

Hope this helps
You missed my point, Dennis5mile. By clicking the 'x' at the top right, Edge is completely closed. There are no tabs left to click on. You have to restart Edge and open your tabs again.
Well, no actually you missed the point as the OP<-- original poster, was not talking about closing the whole browser, but was talking about "Tabs" only. Anything else was added by someone replying to this post. Re-read the OP's original post.