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There is a flag in Canary 90.0.817.0 that I had high hopes for:

Desktop PWA URL handling

Enable web app manifests to declare URL handling behavior. Prototype implementation of:  Mac, Windows, Linux



Its my understanding that so long as a PWA's manifest contains the right entries, with this flag enabled, clicking on a specific link should automatically open the URL in the appropriate PWA rather than in the browser.  So far, it doesn't, at least for a Twitter PWA. I tried two different ones: the one offered by an icon in the address bar at, and the other installed by using Edge's Install this site as an app option which is apparently the same.


I noticed some differences between elements in the app's manifest and the ones specified in the GitHub explainer, for example:





"url_handlers": {"scope": {"matches": [ "*" ]}



How do we make this work?


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Hi @Noel Burgess 

Here are a couple of sample apps with working configuration for URL handling.
Hello! (
Hello! (

From then DevTools Application pane, you can see that their manifests contains "url_handlers" entries:

web-app-origin-association files that complete the handshake: is able to handle links from but not vice versa. 

To test this behavior, you should:
* use Edge 91 or above
* enable  from edge://flags

* configure the browser installation to be the default web browser in system settings
* install one or both of the sample apps

* Test with a link in other applications, a URL in run.exe (Win+R), or a URL as a command line argument. 
* Eg. $ msedge.exe





Thanks! Off to play ...