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New to Microsofrt Edge for Windows 10.

 I do NOT want to change wallpaper on my desktop!!

I don't like wallpaper each time I open Microsoft Edge-new tab.  In bottom right, there is a camera that says "Like what you see?"  If you click on it, you can select "Like it" or "Not a fan".  

I selected "Not a Fan" and it would change the picture.  I still didn't like it, so kept going.  I finally ended up with London, England.  

Now each time i select, "Not A Fan", it no longer changes picture. 

I'm wanting a beach scene.  I even tried downloading extension, but that wouldn't work.

Please let me know how i can change background to something i like?

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Hello @Ritzput Ritz 


currently you can't set a custom picture as your background on Edge New tab page if you are using Stable or Beta channels.


however if you are using Edge Dev or Canary channels, you should have access to this option on the new tab page:




@Ritzput Ritz Welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insiders community! Thanks for reaching out about this.


Yes, this is something we know is important, so it's on the team's radar and is being tested right now. For more updates about the New Tab Page, or to see what we have coming down the pipe, you can see our Top Feedback posts:


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@HotCakeX Hi sorry but I don't have that background section:


I don't have a way to change my background,

what do I do?

@Andres1801 It looks like you might be using our Stable channel, which is the most refined, but also the last to receive new features.


If you haven't yet, I'd suggest trying one of our Insider preview channels, like Dev. Let us know if that works for you!


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

The feature got pushed, you have to be at least on Edge Dev or Canary to see that feature.

Does anyone know when will this feature arrive on the Stable channel of Microsoft Edge? 

Yeah i need to know this too, very basic and fundamental feature it's strange it hasn't made it so the stable channel yet.

change wallpaper on lock screen every day with picture discription


What and where is picture description???
I do not have the option for settings in new tab page. I don't know why because i am on the DEV channel and i still don't have it

It was there in past versions of Microsoft Edge, but I don't know what happened to the gear now.