Change to default search engine in new tab

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I am using as a default search engine.




but in the new tab it is still showing bing as a search engine.



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Changing the default Search Engine doesn't presently affect the New Tab Page Search.  There is presently no means to change that.   I will pass along your request to be able to change that.



@mittalyashu The Search provider you change applies to the top Address bar. The lower new tab search bar does the search through Bing always. This was there in the old Edge also.



I'd also like this feature: changing the address bar search engine should also change the New Tab Page search engine.


Having Bing set as the default is all right, but the ability to change both would really seal the deal on the New Tab Page. Otherwise, I'm waffling on using it long-term.


Hi @ikjadoon I'm curious why this is a problem. When you open a new tab, the cursor moves to the url bar and you can start typing your search query right away to query your preferred search engine. It's unnecessary and takes more work to open a new tab, then move the mouse to the search bar in the middle of the page, click, and then start typing.



Try The New Tab extension. Because - it's a "won't fix" bug. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Of course! Simple answer: 80% of the time, you start typing immediately at the address bar. The other 20% of the time, you click the white search box in the middle of a page, haha.

No need to waste 20% of those unfortunate clicks when others have "solved" the problem. What's unnecessary, to me, is to keep using a tab with the wrong search engine. :(


That's likely true. Still, it's nice to write out the request once in public.

the new tab search engine won't change like old Edge and Chrome browser. it only applies to address bar. Changing new tab MIGHT come out in Edge store if people make..

@mittalyashu for now im using 
"Bing New Tab Background" extension it has the ability to change search provider

Same issue in new edge browser