Cannot remove installed PWA app from Manage apps

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I uninstalled the YouTube TV app under Manage apps, but it's still listed. Now when I try to uninstall it, the Edge browser just closes out. After I reopen the browser, I get the message that the browser had closed unexpectedly. I haven't figured out any way to remove it from the list.


This is sort of related. I also have YouTube installed as an app. When I looked at Apps & Features under Settings/Apps, it shows

    YouTube        9/10/2020

    YouTube        9.5.2020

    YouTube(1)    8.24.2929


I've been  trying to get rid of the 2 older installs, but all it does when I click Uninstall is uninstall the current YouTube and the older installs still remain there.

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@Steve Abraham sorry you're having trouble with this. What happens if you go to edge://apps in the channel where you installed Youtube (Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary)? If you can see the app listed there, what happens when you click the x?



@johnjansen  When I click on the 'x' for YouTube TV, my Microsoft Edge Dev just closes out. I haven't really used Edge Stable (version 85.0.564.51), so there are no apps listed under edge://apps.

@Steve Abraham Same thing is happening to me on google chrome. I still can't figure out what's going on. If you found a solution, I would really appreciate your help