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Does Edge fully support Chormecast? I am confused. 


Also I cant install the zoom extesntoin on edge . 



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According to this document, it is supported

but unlike that so called expert in that forum said, I don't see any mention of support for Miracast in Edge.

Windows supports Micracast and it's a more widely used standard.

I think Miracast in the old edge. I dont think the expert knows much about the new edge.

The expert is right that the cast feature in edge does go on and off. I mean sometimes it can detect chromecast, sometimes it dosent.

Wiat , the link says it installs a extestion from the chromewebstore and it is hidden. How is that psossible? Nvm,
They made it that way,
you can uninstall it from flags section, np.
What? How do I uninstall it? It says restart edge to enable it. I dont need to use flags.
Ah it says that in the link I mentioned above,

"To uninstall the Media Router extension, go to edge://flags and disable the Edge-On-Demand-Media-Router. This also stops the updates from the Chrome Web Store. "