Bug report: Edge does not remember history for O365 tabs

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Tabs with O365 content loose their location after logout. History is not preserved.



O365 account (2FA may be required - I don't have a non-2FA account to test with).

Edge set to remember tabs.


Steps to reproduce:

Load a document in O365.

Open a new tab, go into O365 and log out in that tab. 

Close Edge. 

Reopen Edge and go to the tab with the O365 doc. It will prompt for login. 

Log in and do 2FA. It will then take you to the Sharepoint home page of your org, instead of your doc.

Url of the doc is lost.

History of the tab is lost. Only the sign-in and 2FA pages are remembered.

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I have the same issue with Reporting Services... I set it to list view, then after reopening it's back to the cumbersome tile view. In my remote desktop this setting is sticky.