BUG: Edge is not redirecting to external apps

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Reporting bug: Edge is supposed to open the twitter app when we click on a link associated to twitter, but it doesn't do this in both Windows and Android, instead it just opens a new tab, I have asked other users, they had the same problem too.

I'm on the latest stable versions of Edge.


So please reply if anyone has a solution for this.


Thank you :)

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@Deleted thanks for reporting this. We are actually working on this as a new feature for PWAs in the browser. It's a relatively complex feature, so we are working carefully with Google engineers as well as security folks to make sure we build something that will work safely the way users expect.



@johnjansen This sounds interesting. Cannot wait to try it out!

I am trying to use the linkedin verification using clear but the link still does not take me to the linkedin app, instead it is taking me to the edge android browser. So, I am wondering if still this functionality is under development?